Tipson Tea - Organic Matcha Blueberry
Tipson Tea - Organic Matcha Blueberry
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Tipson Tea - Organic Matcha Blueberry

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    Net Wt. 37.5g

    Ingredients: Organic Matcha, organic green tea, and natural flavour blueberry

    ⭐️ TRY OUR BLUEBERRY GREEN TEA BLEND: It's a wonderful thing when the tart-sweet taste of blueberry is blended with the invigorating refreshment of organic matcha green tea. A delightful way to enjoy the healthful benefits of blueberries and green tea.
    ⭐️ USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Tipson's matcha collection is certified organic by the USDA. It's also non-GMO and gluten free. So you know you're getting all the invigoration and healthful antioxidant benefits this delicous green tea beverage has to offer.
    ⭐️ HALF THE CAFFEINE AS BLACK COFFEE: This delicious organic green tea blend provides an energy and concentration boost with only half the caffeine as black coffee. So you get a refreshing pick-me-up without all the side effects of excess caffeine.
    ⭐️ MATCHA GREEN TEA DELIVERS A POTENT BREW: Loaded with antioxidants, matcha tea is regarded as a detoxifying and metabolism boosting tea made from green tea leaves specially processed and ground into a powder more concentrated than regular green tea.
    ⭐️ 25 BLEACH-FREE DOUBLE CHAMBERED TEA BAGS IN FOIL ENVELOPES WITH NO PLASTIC OR STAPLES: We put all our passion and knowhow in our tea collections, and we want to ensure you get all the taste and health benefits from every drop. So we pack our tea bags in foil envelopes to preserve freshness.

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